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Our ROVs

Our modern ROVs include the latest advances in ROV technology and cover the full spectrum of ROV tasks. Our ROV fleet includes inspection class (Seaeye Lynx), small electric work class (Sub Atlantic Comanche), compact work class (SMD Atom), survey & construction work class (SMD Quasar), and heavy construction work class (SMD Quantum) vehicles.

Our investment in ROVs underlines our long term commitment to this business and we continue to add new systems to further enhance our ROV capability. To find out more about the capabilities of our existing ROVs simply click on the links below:


SEAEYE LYNX - Observation class ROV (link to specification)

Artworked Lynx ROV image

QUASAR MKII - Drill support/general work class ROV (link to specification)

Artworked Quasar ROV pic

QUANTUM MKIII - Heavy Duty Work Class ROV (link to specification)

 Quantum Picture

BIBBY SUBSEA ATLANTIC COMANCHE - (link to specification)

ROV Comanche (resized)